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Finding Your Muse Outside of the Music Studio

As an artist, it’s important for you to have a regular flow of inspiration and ideas for new pieces. Don’t wait until you’re in the recording studio to try connecting with your inner muse. Get in the habit of looking for inspiration everywhere, so you can gather ideas for your next music production session before…

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What Apple’s Streaming Service Means to Indie Music Production

<p class=”p1″>Music lovers using iOS are already enjoying Apple Music, and it’s coming to Android devices in the fall. But what does Apple’s new streaming service mean for indie music production?</p> <h2 class=”p2″><strong>Apple Music Provides Right Balance of Old and New</strong></h2> <p class=”p3″><img alt=”apple music production” height=”271″ src=”” style=”width: 500px;” width=”500″></p> <p class=”p1″>Image via <a…

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A Brief Guide to Digital Distribution of Audio Post Production

<p class=”p1″>As CD sales continue to freefall, digital distribution has become the music industry’s new normal. In 2014, revenues from digital channels made up <a href=””><span class=”s1″>46 percent of all music income</span></a>. Digital revenues also increased 6.9 percent to be worth US$6.85 billion. All musicians want a piece of that pie, but grasping the ins…

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