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Working with Arian Saleh at The Carriage House

<p><img alt=”arian saleh carriage house ssl 4000″ height=”466″ src=”” style=”width: 699px;” width=”699″> </p> <p><a href=””>Arian Saleh</a> is an amazing artist that marries Manu Chao stylings and tango rhythms with Middle Eastern flavors to create a unique style, centered around great songwriting. I tracked the basics for this project last July over 5 days, and was able…

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Mastering Audio: A Mysterious Dark Art

Mastering is one of the final steps to producing a finished album. It’s often referred to as a dark art because so few people understand what’s really involved in this complex process. Fine turning a recording at this stage requires a practiced ear and refined skill with today’s audio technology. Understanding the fine art of…

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Brand New Video (CHS)