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Brendan Muldowney works with Little Tower at the Carriage House

The band formally known as Hoochie Coochie Men first picked up their instruments as a group between the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers at Lafayette College in 2012. Rebranded as Little Tower, the self-described folk-tinged, blues rock revival took a break from their most recent tour and headed into Carriage House Studios to record their very…

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What Apple’s Streaming Service Means to Indie Music Production

<p class=”p1″>Music lovers using iOS are already enjoying Apple Music, and it’s coming to Android devices in the fall. But what does Apple’s new streaming service mean for indie music production?</p> <h2 class=”p2″><strong>Apple Music Provides Right Balance of Old and New</strong></h2> <p class=”p3″><img alt=”apple music production” height=”271″ src=”” style=”width: 500px;” width=”500″></p> <p class=”p1″>Image via <a…

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Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Wells and “Stumbling Forward”

Last year, Carriage House Studios engineer Mikhail Pivovarov was driving home from the grocery store when he got a call from Nicholas Wells. The two had recently completed mixing Wells’ latest album, a project that was already a year in the making. “He said, ‘I wrote this new song, it’s fantastic,’” explained Pivovarov, who listened…

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