By Sooraj Ram
music reviewer and reporter for 440 Magazine.
Nov 11 · 4 min read


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Pop is a persistent genre and the amount of effort put in by artists on this genre is futile compared to those who use their talents in other genres. Even though I have nothing against this particular genre, it is just the barren field for experimentation that makes me opt for another genre. However, this sense of persistence does bother the musicians hence they break the shackles and write an album that is as catchy as Pop yet as sophisticated like any other genre. The artist who did it perfectly is Jon Bellion. Having been introduced to him through his 2018 effort, Glory Sound Prep - I was compelled to sit down and listen to his previous efforts before criticizing his latest album.

One thing that I find different in his music is the diversity in his choice for instrumentation. Many artists might prefer using a computerized beat and giving much importance to their vocals but in the case of Jon, he really do care about the instrumentation. I was pleasantly surprised by his decision to stick with his diverse songwriting considering the fact that he already found commercial success through his last album.  It is no surprise that artists who find commercial success put fewer to no effort into their music hence making it sound radio-friendly.

The album itself flaunts 10 tracks all adding up to a total running time of 40 minutes. The said 10 tracks sound distinct and each of them being written in such a way that the song, when being played by the listener would be able capture the attention instantly-as if his songs are written to perfection. His multidimensional songwriting is a bonus to his impeccable deliverance(whether it be mellow falsetto highs or rapping) in each song. Blending a set of instruments to match the emotion of his songs, Bellion did prove that music alone is possible to simulate the emotions of a song, not just the vocals.

It is of no doubt that Jon Bellion is a perfectionist. Throughout the course of the album, never did I felt bored or tired. There is never a single moment on this album where I had to force myself to listen to his songs instead, my mind compelling me to put the album on repeat. Definitely an AOTY contender and surely a remarkable album that well matches my demand for good music.

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