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He also does raking! #italianlawncare #thosesockstho #wisdom? #forhire

Walking around #seattle – and spotted a little @govtmule poster 9/06/18 – GO!

Nice work Suzie #partytime

Such a happy little tape machine #mtr10 #tapedelay

Today was a tech day – posidrive screwdrivers FTW!

Never question the engineers judgement!!! Thoughts🤔#carriagehousemusic #recordingstudio #soundengineer #soundsobsessed #music #musiclife #neverquestiontheengeseersjudgement

Get Tracking – Andrew DeNicola Band –

Andrew DeNicola’s Big Band @carriagehousestudios – MORE CONGA!!

Warm summer nights at the Carriage House means a lot of music by twinkle lights and bonfire. #carriagehousemusic #summer #music #acusticmusic #bonfire #goodvibes #musicians #friends #soundobsessed #recordingstudio

We have flowers outside but it’s our fields of mic stands that we like to look at. #recordingstudiolife #micstands #reclamedwood #drumroom #soundobsessed #mixing #mastering #audioengineering #music

We are so excited for our Vintage late 60s Neumann 87s refurbished – 2 pairs! Thanks to Tom Onofrio @tomonofrio #vintage #microphones #refebished #recordingstudio #soundobsessed

NOW AVAILABLE “an old guy to do lawn things” brought to you by @carriagehousestudios #yardwork #elderabuseprobably

#tbt to #livingroomjamsessions at the #CarriageHouse. We will literally play anywhere an extension cord will reach!

Great to have Chris Barnes @carriagehousestudios to shoot his upcoming music video. #rock

Button pushing #doyouevenreverb #mixing

Mikhail attempts a normal smile.

Annual meeting with the fire department. #falsealarm Welcome to The Carriage House

#doyouevenreverb (better aspect ratio here )

Business Lessons From Successful Recording Artists

When successful recording artists step into the public eye, they seem larger than life. They exude charisma and talent, leading their fans to believe that success springs from some magical combination of luck, destiny, and the right set of skills. However, as these recording artists prove, the business side of music influences stardom just as…

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Does a Higher Sample Rate Audio Really Mean Better Quality?

Artists have a long list of considerations when they’re choosing a recording studio. It’s important to choose a location that has the gear you need for everything from the earliest stages of music production to mastering and mixing. Unfortunately, bigger isn’t always better, and there’s no clear-cut choice for elements like sample rate. Understand your…

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Brendan Muldowney works with Little Tower at the Carriage House

The band formally known as Hoochie Coochie Men first picked up their instruments as a group between the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers at Lafayette College in 2012. Rebranded as Little Tower, the self-described folk-tinged, blues rock revival took a break from their most recent tour and headed into Carriage House Studios to record their very…

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Finding Your Muse Outside of the Music Studio

As an artist, it’s important for you to have a regular flow of inspiration and ideas for new pieces. Don’t wait until you’re in the recording studio to try connecting with your inner muse. Get in the habit of looking for inspiration everywhere, so you can gather ideas for your next music production session before…

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Working with Arian Saleh at The Carriage House

Arian Saleh is an amazing artist that marries Manu Chao stylings and tango rhythms with Middle Eastern flavors to create a unique style, centered around great songwriting. I tracked the basics for this project last July over 5 days, and was able to take time getting sounds to be unique to each song. We utilized…

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Mastering Audio: A Mysterious Dark Art

Mastering is one of the final steps to producing a finished album. It’s often referred to as a dark art because so few people understand what’s really involved in this complex process. Fine turning a recording at this stage requires a practiced ear and refined skill with today’s audio technology. Understanding the fine art of…

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Don’t Sign Your First Record Deal Without These 4 Tips

<p class=”p1″>Congratulations! You finally have a record deal on the table just waiting for the flourish of a pen. Before you sign your first contract, make sure you read the fine print carefully. A few smart negotiations can make a big difference in the future of your career.</p> <p class=”p2″><strong>Be Careful with Your Loyalty Payments</strong></p>…

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5 Things To Do Once You’ve Recorded Your Album

<div class=”hs-featured-image-wrapper”>
<a href=”” title=”” class=”hs-featured-image-link”> <img src=”” class=”hs-featured-image” style=”width:auto !important; max-width:50%; float:left; margin:0 15px 15px 0;”> </a>
<h5 class=”p1″><em>So You’re Done in the Recording Studio…Now What?</em></h5>
<p class=”p1″>It’s easy for musicians to lose themselves in the thrill of the recording studio, letting more administrative duties fall to the wayside. When you’re done recording, however, there are several things you need to do to ensure the success of your latest efforts.</p>

4 Songs That Are So Bad They’re Good

We’d all like to pretend that our music collections only contain albums from truly great performers like David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix. But we’re only human, and most of us find it difficult to resist a catchy hook, even when it comes wrapped in bubblegum pop. This article is a salute to those guilty pleasures,…

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5 Strategies for Mastering YouTube

YouTube is an ideal place for artists to showcase their music and grow their audience. If you’re a musician social media can maximize your video marketing results; keep these tips in mind. Legally Add Your Own Cover Songs Image via Flickr by DanGrebb Cover songs are a great way to get your channel noticed by a lot of…

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How Electronic Musicians Are Using Found Sound in the Recording Studio

Synthesizers, computers, and other hardware produce incredible results for electronic musicians, but some of the most creative professionals in this genre broaden their horizons to include found sounds. While it might seem unconventional, modern musicians weave found sounds with more traditional music production to create cohesive songs that resonate on multiple levels. Found Sound: From…

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What Apple’s Streaming Service Means to Indie Music Production

<p class=”p1″>Music lovers using iOS are already enjoying Apple Music, and it’s coming to Android devices in the fall. But what does Apple’s new streaming service mean for indie music production?</p> <h2 class=”p2″><strong>Apple Music Provides Right Balance of Old and New</strong></h2> <p class=”p3″><img alt=”apple music production” height=”271″ src=”” style=”width: 500px;” width=”500″></p> <p class=”p1″>Image via <a…

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Good Vibes: Creating Positive Energy in Professional Recording Studios

Creating great music is an imprecise process. There’s no one formula for success, and every individual and group uses unique methods to create their sound. While there are no rules about how you initially create your songs, there are principles to follow when you get to the recording studio. This is a professional atmosphere and…

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Carriage House session blends music with science fiction in “Indigo Grey: The Passage”

Amy Lee is best known as the lead singer of Grammy Award-winning band Evanescence, but lately she’s been focusing her talents elsewhere: film score composing. Over the summer, director Sean Robinson came to Carriage House Studios with Grammy nominees Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer to record a 5.1 surround sound mix of the score the two had…

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4 Landing Page Tips for Musicians to Be Seen and Heard

Landing pages are a powerful way to streamline online navigation for your fans. It doesn’t make sense to link a social media post about your latest album to your website’s main page. Direct visitors to a landing page instead for a more focused experience that puts essential info front and center. These landing page tips…

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5 Reasons Snapchat is Great for Musicians and Not Just Taking Selfies

All of today’s best artists know the power of social media promotion. Likes, shares, retweets, and follows can make the difference between a flop and a hit. Musical talent is an important component for achieving fame and fortune, but smart marketing plays a big role in the battle. Facebook is the behemoth of the social…

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A Brief Guide to the Tape Transfer Process

Old tapes and reels have charm, but they lack the longevity of digital music. This article details how a professional studio like The Carriage House can convert old tapes and reels, including 2″ tapes, into new digital audio recordings. Preparing for Transfer Image via Flickr by Ronan_C The tape transfer restoration and archival process begins…

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Why Twitter Should Be Your Top Instrument Outside the Recording Studio

<p class=”p1″>Whether they play guitar, keys, or bass, musicians have an intimate knowledge of their instruments. They also know to contact a trusted studio like <a href=””>The Carriage House</a> to ensure those instruments sound their best. But what about instruments after recording wraps? Read on to understand why Twitter is your most important instrument outside…

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Music Production and Social Media: Marketing Your Music

While many people consider social media a way to keep in touch with friends and family, independent musicians see it as a way to increase their fan base all over the world. Keep these tips in mind if you’re looking to promote you and your music production on social media. Bring Fellow Musicians Into the…

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Getting to Know Your Recording Engineer

The recording engineer is an integral part of the recording process, but many musicians don’t know what this professional does or how to choose the right one for their project. Through this article, you can get to know your recording engineer. The Role of a Recording Engineer Brendan Muldowney at the helm of our SSL 4000E…

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Finding a Recording Studio That’s Just Right

You have the perfect song and the perfect tune in your head. Now, you just need the ideal recording studio to help you get the best demo possible. Consider the following ideas when you’re looking for a studio that creates the prime environment for making music. Find a Comfortable Environment There are times when you…

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5 Lessons From Funny Man Weird Al Yankovic

“Weird Al” Yankovic rose to fame in the 1980s when his satirical takes on popular songs simultaneously confused and amused top 40 music listeners. He’s sold approximately 15 million albums and won four Grammys without ever taking himself seriously. Here are four lessons you can learn from Weird Al. Stay Current Image via Flickr by…

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We just got the best UAD plugins!

Here at Carriage House Studios, we have taken the bold initiative to purchase all of the best UAD Plugins on the market, all to ensure the best experience for artists and our clients. With plugins from trusted brands like Teletronic, Helios, Lexicon and more, we’re hoping to provide you with the best possible audio equipment for your recording…

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Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Wells and “Stumbling Forward”

Last year, Carriage House Studios engineer Mikhail Pivovarov was driving home from the grocery store when he got a call from Nicholas Wells. The two had recently completed mixing Wells’ latest album, a project that was already a year in the making. “He said, ‘I wrote this new song, it’s fantastic,’” explained Pivovarov, who listened…

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Mixing Up a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is a popular way for musicians to overcome a tight budget and pay for time in a professional music studio. With a crowdfunding project, your fans donate the funds you need to complete a specific project in exchange for perks. Because your goal is to raise money, the perks are often priced a bit higher…

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How to Protect Your Professional Recordings From Piracy

<p class=”p1″>Piracy is a serious concern for today’s music artists. While some sites pose a minimal threat with shoddy design that sends visitors running, others are pirating music successfully at astonishing rates. Whether you’re already facing instances of piracy or you simply want to stay prepared, these tips will help you protect your music from…

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Mastering the Perfect Art for Your Album Cover

In today’s digital world, the physical album is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Though your fans may purchase more of your music online than in a brick and mortar record store, there’s no reason to skimp on your album design. Your album cover will still show up in several places, making a first…

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Michael Franti & Sonna Rele at the Carriage House

Michael Franti and Sonna Rele stopped in at the Carriage House to record a quick song en route to the next destination on their North American tour. We had the privilege of spending some quality time with them. What was going to be a quick session turned into an full day, all night sing-along extravaganza…

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A Brief Guide to Digital Distribution of Audio Post Production

<p class=”p1″>As CD sales continue to freefall, digital distribution has become the music industry’s new normal. In 2014, revenues from digital channels made up <a href=””><span class=”s1″>46 percent of all music income</span></a>. Digital revenues also increased 6.9 percent to be worth US$6.85 billion. All musicians want a piece of that pie, but grasping the ins…

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Copyright Basics Every Recording Artist Should Know

<p class=”p1″>If you’re packing your bags for a weekend at The Carriage House, your head is probably filled with thoughts of scheduling music production or talking to your recording engineer. Though legalities like copyrights may be far from your mind, they’re an important consideration.</p> <p class=”p2″><strong>What to Copyright</strong></p> <p class=”p3″><img alt=”Copyright_Basics” src=””></p> <p class=”p1″>Image via…

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Not a Rockstar Salesman? Here are 4 Tips for Selling Band Merchandise

When you play a gig, you earn a payment after the show, but until you break through as an artist, it’s not enough money to cover your bills. You need to accentuate your income by any means possible, and it would help if you could boost your band awareness, too. Here are four tips for…

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New Music-Friendly Features: Becoming a Vine Star Might Not be so Bad

Anyone who is serious about having a career in music needs to have a social media presence. Historically, that’s meant having Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. A newer site is also ascending in popularity due to its decision to enhance its functionality for musicians. You may think of Vine as a six-second video site, but…

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5 Strategies to Release Your Single after Visiting The Carriage House

<p class=”p1″>Carriage House Studios offers a secluded Connecticut recording studio for laying down your audio music recording and mixing and mastering with an experienced recording engineer. Your time at The Carriage House is ideal for music production, but you’ll face a new set of challenges after you leave. Get your single to your listeners with…

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Tracking tunes and dropping email campaigns @mailchimp

Michael Franti & Sonna Rele at the Carriage House

Michael Franti and Sonna Rele stopped in at the Carriage House to record a quick song en route to the next destination on their North American tour. We had the privilege of spending some quality time with them. What was going to be a quick session turned into an full day, all night sing-along extravaganza with epic sounds, vocals, guitar playing, and good…

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Sometimes you find cool old bass drums at tag sales. #vintage

Acroyoga at #carriagehouse ?!

Tracking a Victrola #carriagehouse

The Harmonica Lewinskies #carriagehouse

Grammy winners! Phil Magnotti & Ian Callanan – Michel Camilo “What’s Up” – from Instagram

Pantera Cowboys From Hell 1990 #tbt @pantera @carriagehousestudios – from Instagram

Visiting the man Dan Zellman #pro #tech – from Instagram

Here’s to you, SSL engineers #ETphonehome – from Instagram

DO NOT PRESS! #carriagehouse – from Instagram

SSL E 4000 listen mic compressor success! #carriagehouse #vintage – from Instagram

Dolby A 361 modded #HiFi #LoFi #carriagehouse – from Instagram

Throwing Muses Hunkpapa 1989 #tbt #carriagehouse #mixed – from Instagram

Welcome audix d6 – kick kick boom #mic – from Instagram

Sugar Copper Blue mixed at The Carriage House 1992 #bobmould #throwbackthursday – from Instagram

Loving our brand new focals #carriagehouse #focals #trackin – from Instagram

Rakim tracking at Carriage House for Nelson Mandela Tribute

We had the pleasure of having Rakim again in the studio. He was working on a soon to be released song for a Nelson Mandela tribute. More info to come soon.

MOE. Carriage house studios #trackin – from Instagram

Amazing Tracking with Snarky Puppy – Michael League – Bill Laurance – from Instagram

Ultrasonically cleaning an SSL 4000

We moved all 48 channels and large faders of our SSL 4000 E series board in to the city, removed all the cards off the each channel, and proceeded to dip ’em in an Ultransonic Cleaner at Zeltec (Dan Zellman’s workshop). Carriage House Studios

Paul Simon at Carriage House Studios – from Instagram

#johnnywinter #shred – from Instagram

#Telefunken USA’s USB oh yea – thanks Alan – from Instagram

Telefunken USA | Awesome Service!

Carriage House Studios at Telefunken USA with our vintage ELAM 251 | fantastic service

Fates Warning in the studio Bobby Jarzombek on drums #metal – from Instagram

Love this board #metal – from Instagram

Lets play Name that computer! – from Instagram

@Andy Suzuki – look what I found – from Instagram

An assortment of the amps we are using on Andy Suzuki and the Methods new album – from Instagram

Our new toy a ’56 Hammond S6 Chord Organ – resurrectin’ that analog sound – from Instagram

Recording light in off state at Carriage House Studios – from Instagram

Secondary red light setup in Carriage House Studios – from Instagram

Michel Camilo at the Carriage House

Michel Camilo, pianist, records new solo album at Carriage House Studios with Phil Magnotti and Blue Bottles microphones on a Hamburg Steinway D.

Threes and Nines in Timberland Ad, a Carriage House band

Timberland ad that features the band Threes and Nines – from the Carriage House.

DIY Recording Light with Pro Tools

Ever wanted a recording or on air light for your Pro Tools rig? This tutorial gives noob friendly instructions on implementing a sync io – arduino – relay – lightbulb. limited soldering skill needed. This DIY Pro Tools project brought to you by Carriage House Studios.

Ethan Brosh and Max Norman at the Carriage House

Max Norman and Ethan Brosh in the Carriage House mixing Ethan’s upcoming album. We had the pleasure of once again hosting Max Norman, famed producer of Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Lynch Mob, Dirty Looks, Lizzy Borden

Carriage House Studios records next Gov’t Mule Album

Carriage House Studios records next Gov’t Mule Album with a blend of analog (16trk 3M tape machine) and our digital Pro Tools rig.

Awesome Call Me Maybe Remix videotaped and recorded at The Carriage House

Our resident engineer Mikhail and his friends from Stacks of Wax have made an awesome remix of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe

Rachael Sage’s brand new music videos filmed @ The Carriage House

We just saw Rachael playing at Joe’s Pub in NY and she sounded and looked great. It reminded me to post her most recent music videos filmed at The Carriage House.

Carriage House Studios 2012 Grammy Nominations!

2012 has been a great year for Grammy Nominations at the Carriage House. Best Engineered Album, Non-classical – Seth Glier. Best Improvised Jazz Solo – Sonny Rollins. Best Jazz Instrumental Album – Sonny Rollins

Johnny Winter’s newest album Roots

Recently Released Johnny Winter Album “Roots” at the Carriage House:

Tracking & Mixing: Brendan Muldowney
Produced by Paul Nelson
Features: Warren Haynes, Susan Tedeschi, Derek Trucks, Vince Gill, John Popper, and more.

Carriage House Project gets 2012 Grammy Nomination

Carriage House Studios congratulates Brenden Muldowney and John Shyloski for a Grammy Nomination for Best Engineered Record -> Seth Glier’s second album “The Next Right Thing”

Johnny Winter’s Newest Album

“Blues legend Johnny Winter.. is in the process of recording “Roots” his first studio album” – CT Post. Johnny Winter, legendary blues musician, recording his newest album Roots, his first in 7 years.

Congrats to Vince Mendoza’s Grammy Win!!

Carriage House Studios congratulates Vince Mendoza for his Grammy Win for Best Instrumental Arrangement. Check out the stats below:

Dave Eggar + Carriage House = Grammy Nomination

We at the Carriage House congratulate Dave Eggar for his recent Grammy Nomination for Best Instrumental Arrangement for “Itsbynne Reel” from his 2010 album, Kingston Morning. A fantastic session with a world class musician!

Lincoln Center World Premiere features Dave Brubeck

Carriage House Studios participated in the World Premiere of Not My Life with the title song “Lord Protect My Child” being recorded at the Carriage House, produced by Chris Brubeck, performed by Dave Brubeck, Susan Tedeschi, and Derek Trucks.

Engineered by Brendan Muldowney

Ted Leo in the 2010 Top 100 Albums

Ted Leo’s brand new album The Brutalist Bricks ranked the 33rd album this year on the Top 100 albums of 2010 by SPIN Magazine.

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