Main Room

The Main Room of the Carriage House has 30ft high ceiling and spacious enough for full orchestras, large choirs, and full bands. With direct line of sight between all the other isolation booths and the control room, everyone can remain in ideal contact and still isolate their independent sounds. Our Main Room has sports a number of…

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Live Room

The Carriage House is well known for our drum sounds and our Live Room’s unique construction is what gives its distinct character. The Live Room was masterfully crafted to present no parallel surfaces. Each wall has a unique construction made from stone, oak, pine, and a ceiling made of a rare shipping wood which has…

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4 more isolation areas

The Carriage House can accommodate full band tracking, large orchestras, choirs, and any music group that needs space and isolation. In addition to the Main Room and Live Room, we have 4 isolation booths and spaces for ideal separation all while being able to see each other.

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