Full Gear List


SSL 4000 E Series

 PT10 HD TDM   40 IN / 48 OUT

Mic List

Audix D6Telefunken ELAM 251 VintageRCA 44 X2
Blue enCORE 100i x3B&K 4004 x2RCA 77
Shure SM 57 x7Neumann U87 x2Royer R-121 x2
Shure SM 58Neumann U89Beyer Dynamic M260 x2
Shure Unidyne x2Neumann Fet 47Beyer Dynamic M130 x2
AKG D12Neumann KM184 x2
Schoeps CMC-6 omni x2
AKG D1000EAKG 414
Audio Technica ATM 25Shure SM 81
Sennheiser 421 x4Shure SM 94
Sennheiser 441Shure Green Bullet
ElectroVoice RE20 x2AKG 451 EB x2
Beyer Dynamic M380 goldAKG 452 EB x2
Electro Voice 635AAKG 460 B x3 (CK capsule)
Oktava mk319
Oktava mk012 [84] x4


Mic Preamps & EQsCompressors/LimitersEffects
Neve 1073S x3Teletronix LA 2AEventide FL201
Daking 52270b x4Summit TLA-100AEventide H910
Summit TPA 200aUrei 1176 LN BlackEventide H949
Oram Stereo w/eqThermionic Culture Phoenix stereo valueEventide H3000
Pultec EQP 1Neve 33809J stereoStudio Technologies AN-2 Stereo Simulator
Pultec EQH 2Dbx 160vu x4Aphex Aural Exciter
Universal M610Manley vari-mu stereoDolby A361 Modded
Studer D19-tube w/eq stereoEmpirical Labs Distressor EL8-X x2
Trident CB9066Dyna-mite 430 x2

Reverbs & Delays

EMT 140Roland SRV 2000
Lexicon 224XSpace Station SST282
Lexicon 480LLexicon PCM42
Quantec room simulator Roland SDE1000 Digital Delay
Yamaha Rev 7Roland SDE 3000
Sony MU-R 201AR300 Tape Eliminator
Dimension D SDD-320MTR-10 Tape Delay


Steinway Hamburg B
Hammond C-3 Foot Pedals / 2 Leslies Solid State and Tube
Yamaha Upright Spinet
Hammond S6 Chord Organ

Guitar Amps

Fender Twin Reverb – Black Face
Fender Pro Reverb – Silver Face
Fender Super Reverb
Fender Bassman
Vox AC 30
Orange “AC30″
Marshall Cab 4 x 12

Bass Amps

SVT Classic Bass Amp 4 x 10
Ampeg B-15 Fliptop
Acoustic 370 Bass Head
Hartke 18 Bass Cab


13 x 9 Rack8 x 9 Rack
14 x 10 Rack10 x 9 Rack
16 x 16 Floor14 x 13 Rack
18 x 16 Floor16 x 16 Sidepole mount
22 x 16 Bass Drum18 x 16 Sidepole mount
All Ludwig Early 70s24 x 15 Bass drum
12+ Snares, Assorted Cymbals, Percussion

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