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Learn From Grammy Award Winning Engineer, Brendan Muldowney

In our new semester of ProTools Training we are focusing on the standards of being a real world studio engineer. Our training is computer based using Pro Tool however it is heavily focused on analog signal flow and large format recording studio side. This is about being an actual recording engineer with real world experiences. All of our engineers at Carriage House Studios go through this training, to understand how to work with clients, other engineers, and efficiently to increase your revenue. With this training you can expand your at home recording savvy and/or jumpstart a career with industry insight that takes years to understand and master.

Class 1.

Introduction to Audio/Music/Recording Studios

Class 2.

Organizing A New Pro Tools Session for Success

Class 3.

Editing Efficiently Starts With The Basics

Class 4.

Manage the Mix // Understand Digital Signal Flow

Class 5.

Manage the Mix // Better Sonic Integrity

Class 6.

Manage the Mix // Bounce for the Real World

Class 7.

Industry Secrets // Mixing, Editing, Management

Class 8.

Special Guest Speaker/Field Trip to Main Studio


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