Finding Your Muse Outside of the Music Studio


As an artist, it’s important for you to have a regular flow of inspiration and ideas for new pieces. Don’t wait until you’re in the recording studio to try connecting with your inner muse. Get in the habit of looking for inspiration everywhere, so you can gather ideas for your next music production session before it’s even on the calendar.

Create an Inspiring Environment

Surround yourself with good vibes and things that inspire you so you’re continually exposed to your favorite muses. Fill your home with artwork and music that moves you. Create a space that goes beyond mere functionality and choose pieces that inspire creative ideas.

Take a few meaningful pieces with you on the road, or prop up a postcard of a favorite piece of art in your hotel room, or listen to the greats while driving. Choose an inspiring environment for your recording sessions like Carriage House Studios where you can stay in a 1900s carriage house while you’re working on your audio music recording.

Branch Out Beyond Your Specialty

A study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and the Royal College of Music revealed that many creative episodes take place when musicians are doing things other than playing their primary instrument. One horn player experienced over 67 percent of his creative episodes when he was not playing. Rather, he was conducting, humming, tapping a table, or doing other tasks. Move beyond your primary musical focus and try other activities, whether playing another instrument or doing something different, like painting, sketching, or writing prose.

Continually Expand Your Horizons


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It’s important to constantly explore new horizons, even if you feel like you already know your muse well. Never miss the chance to go to music festivals and listen to new artists, or visit museums and explore different types of art. Make the most of every location while traveling. If you’re hitting up the city, check out the National Jazz Museum in Harlem. If you’re recording at the Carriage House, take time to kick back on the beautiful grounds and enjoy a little inspiration from nature.

Prepare for Inspiration to Hit

You never know when the muse may strike. Be prepared to record your thoughts as soon as they pop into your head. Don’t assume that you’ll remember it later because you may not. Invest in the right apps and have your phone on hand. This way you can write lyrics in a note-taking app, hum a tune into an audio recorder, and even play with a new melody on a virtual piano or guitar.

Get into the habit of finding inspiration everywhere you go and your muse will be there to offer an extra burst of creativity when you’re in the music studio mastering, mixing, and working with your recording engineer. Head to a studio like Carriage House and you’ll find a nurturing environment where your creativity can really grow. Our Connecticut recording studio is the perfect place to play with your muse.



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