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Parlor Walls Wants You to Feel Something


Q&A with Wild Pink: New Album, Favorite Bands, and Secret Talents

By Sooraj Ram Having taken the music industry by storm with their debut full length, Wild Pink is back again with a sophomore effort – Yolk in the Fur. Amid heavy touring, John Ross of Wild Pink was kind enough to spare some time with 440 Magazine to answer a few questions about the band…

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Elevate Your Music: The Benefits of a Professional Recording Studio

Opportunity is not to be wasted. It knocks on the door of few; the rest spend their days waiting. In the music industry, it is tantamount to seize Opportunity when it is at your door, or it may lose interest and find a different star.


Business Lessons From Successful Recording Artists

When successful recording artists step into the public eye, they seem larger than life. They exude charisma and talent, leading their fans to believe that success springs from some magical combination of luck, destiny, and the right set of skills. However, as these recording artists prove, the business side of music influences stardom just as…

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Does a Higher Sample Rate Audio Really Mean Better Quality?

Artists have a long list of considerations when they’re choosing a recording studio. It’s important to choose a location that has the gear you need for everything from the earliest stages of music production to mastering and mixing. Unfortunately, bigger isn’t always better, and there’s no clear-cut choice for elements like sample rate. Understand your…

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Brendan Muldowney works with Little Tower at the Carriage House

The band formally known as Hoochie Coochie Men first picked up their instruments as a group between the Delaware and Lehigh Rivers at Lafayette College in 2012. Rebranded as Little Tower, the self-described folk-tinged, blues rock revival took a break from their most recent tour and headed into Carriage House Studios to record their very…

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Finding Your Muse Outside of the Music Studio

As an artist, it’s important for you to have a regular flow of inspiration and ideas for new pieces. Don’t wait until you’re in the recording studio to try connecting with your inner muse. Get in the habit of looking for inspiration everywhere, so you can gather ideas for your next music production session before…

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Working with Arian Saleh at The Carriage House

Arian Saleh is an amazing artist that marries Manu Chao stylings and tango rhythms with Middle Eastern flavors to create a unique style, centered around great songwriting. I tracked the basics for this project last July over 5 days, and was able to take time getting sounds to be unique to each song. We utilized…

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Mastering Audio: A Mysterious Dark Art

Mastering is one of the final steps to producing a finished album. It’s often referred to as a dark art because so few people understand what’s really involved in this complex process. Fine turning a recording at this stage requires a practiced ear and refined skill with today’s audio technology. Understanding the fine art of…

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Don’t Sign Your First Record Deal Without These 4 Tips

Congratulations! You finally have a record deal on the table just waiting for the flourish of a pen. Before you sign your first contract, make sure you read the fine print carefully. A few smart negotiations can make a big difference in the future of your career. Be Careful with Your Loyalty Payments Image via…

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