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Working with Arian Saleh at The Carriage House

Arian Saleh is an amazing artist that marries Manu Chao stylings and tango rhythms with Middle Eastern flavors to create a unique style, centered around great songwriting. I tracked the basics for this project last July over 5 days, and was able to take time getting sounds to be unique to each song. We utilized…

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Mastering Audio: A Mysterious Dark Art

Mastering is one of the final steps to producing a finished album. It’s often referred to as a dark art because so few people understand what’s really involved in this complex process. Fine turning a recording at this stage requires a practiced ear and refined skill with today’s audio technology. Understanding the fine art of…

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Good Vibes: Creating Positive Energy in Professional Recording Studios

Creating great music is an imprecise process. There’s no one formula for success, and every individual and group uses unique methods to create their sound. While there are no rules about how you initially create your songs, there are principles to follow when you get to the recording studio. This is a professional atmosphere and…

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Mastering the Perfect Art for Your Album Cover

In today’s digital world, the physical album is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Though your fans may purchase more of your music online than in a brick and mortar record store, there’s no reason to skimp on your album design. Your album cover will still show up in several places, making a first…

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