Good Vibes: Creating Positive Energy in Professional Recording Studios

Creating great music is an imprecise process. There’s no one formula for success, and every individual and group uses unique methods to create their sound. While there are no rules about how you initially create your songs, there are principles to follow when you get to the recording studio. This is a professional atmosphere and should be treated as such so that you can make the most of your investment and walk away with a solid product.

Bring the Right People


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The only people you need in the music studio are those who are directly involved with your audio music recording. While you want the whole band there so you can bring in the right people at a moment’s notice, you don’t want to bring friends and family. Leave this process to the professionals.

Kick Your Sessions Off Right


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While there’s no reason you shouldn’t have fun with the music production process, it’s important to approach your time in the recording studio professionally. Arrive well-prepared with a solid idea of what you’re recording and how you want to sound. A professional studio shouldn’t be the first place you hear what your band really sounds like. Get your hands on basic home recording equipment so you can tweak your sound before you’re paying a premium at a quality studio like the Carriage House.

Keep the Creativity Flowing


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It’s best to approach your studio sessions with an open mind and willingness to change. Once you begin mixing, you may realize that you need more layers, or that you need to adjust the volume to get the results you’re after. Don’t waste precious studio time arguing against a different approach when you can just as easily give it a try to see what happens.

Find the Right Studio Engineer


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The right recording engineer is the final ingredient to take your group’s sound to a whole new level. Carriage House employs several talented studio engineers who can help you refine your sound. Choose an engineer that you have a good rapport with so the mastering process becomes a collaborative pleasure and not a tug-of-war over differing ideas.

Save the Celebrations for Later


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It’s tempting to let the exhilarating atmosphere get away from you in the recording studio, but this isn’t the best time to start mixing cocktails or creating a celebratory atmosphere. Let the creativity flow, but save the indulgences for after you’re finished. When you’re done with your work in the studio, you can throw a party to rival all others without fear of inhibiting your ability to perform the next morning.

Carriage House Studios offers the perfect environment for nurturing positive energy and creating an outstanding recording. Book a spot at our Connecticut recording studio and take advantage of all the amenities you need to nurture your creative potential and record something unforgettable.



Posted on January 21, 2016 in connecticut recording studio

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