5 Strategies to Release Your Single after Visiting The Carriage House

Carriage House Studios offers a secluded Connecticut recording studio for laying down your audio music recording and mixing and mastering with an experienced recording engineer. Your time at The Carriage House is ideal for music production, but you’ll face a new set of challenges after you leave. Get your single to your listeners with these smart strategies.

Release a Music Video


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An engaging music video is a powerful way to gain traction for your new single. If the video has a catchy theme or engaging visuals, it can easily go viral. With the right music video, you’ll have fans itching to get their hands on the single track weeks before it’s actually available. While YouTube is the default choice for releasing a music video, don’t forget to post to Facebook as well, where you can access your social media following.

Offer a Single for Free

While it may seem counterintuitive to give away your single for free, this is an effective way to get new listeners interested in your music. You can also use your single as the bait to get more fans to join your mailing list, like your Facebook page, or attend a release party.

Use It as an Instant-Gratification Track

iTunes allows you to offer an instant gratification track with album pre-sales. When fans buy your album, they receive the single instantly and get the remainder of the album on its release date. Choose your single carefully, and use a track that’s very representative of the rest of your album. If you combine this strategy with others, listeners who catch your new track elsewhere may purchase your whole album just to get their hands on the single now.

Release a Radio Single

Managing a successful radio release presents a major challenge, but if you have a promoter who knows the ropes, this is an outstanding way to drum up excitement for your pending album release. Real success from a radio single comes with repetition. This comes at a price, but it can yield great results if you can afford this type of promotion.

Give Bloggers an Exclusive Release

A successful blogger in your niche is a valuable asset. Get friendly with someone who blogs for the same audience you’re trying to reach. Offer the blogger an exclusive release of your single for a set period before you release it publicly. Consider sweetening the deal with photographs and an interview as well. The blogger gets access to content no one else will have, and you get access to the blog’s entire audience.

If you’re looking for the right music studio for your next track, check out The Carriage House. Our recording studio has everything you need to create an outstanding audio music recording. You’ll walk away with a great single worthy of implementing some or all of these powerful promotional strategies.



Posted on March 10, 2015 in youtube

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