New Music-Friendly Features: Becoming a Vine Star Might Not be so Bad

Anyone who is serious about having a career in music needs to have a social media presence. Historically, that’s meant having Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. A newer site is also ascending in popularity due to its decision to enhance its functionality for musicians. You may think of Vine as a six-second video site, but with its new music-friendly features, this guide could convince you to become a Vine star.

A Hook to Sell


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Thanks to recent changes on Vine, you can now add music to any clip. The process is so simple that the software will pull music directly from your smartphone. That affords you a great opportunity. You can look at your song library to identify the best parts of your various artistic creations. You don’t have to think about the entire compilation, though.

Instead, consider which parts of each song are the best and use those for your Vine videos. You can attract new fans six seconds at a time. The best hooks and bridges from your music will get in their heads, and they’ll also have the videos you use to link the sounds.

Alpha and Omega

If you’re too proud of your music to reduce it to a glorified ring tone, there are other ways you can take advantage of the new Vine. One of the clever uses of the service is to build a video that loops continuously. When done perfectly, it’s difficult to tell the beginning from the end of the clip.

You have the same potential with your music. Try to find a sample that employs the same rhythm at the start and finish. Alternately, let your fans do this for you by making your library available on the site. It’s a fresh way to attract attention to your hard work.


You might not be a tech wizard. You also might not have the patience to learn every new technology on every major social media outlet. That’s fine. You can still achieve the same impact by asking your fans to do the heavy lifting for you. Many of them want to feel like a part of the creative process, and they’ll presume you’re too busy to work on Vine clips all the time.

Encourage these people to build the best Vine loops using your music. That way, you don’t have to waste time when you could be writing songs, and people who know what they’re doing can optimize your work to make it Vine-worthy. This tactic is especially effective because your current social media followers on other services will help you earn new fans on Vine.

Make More Music

Leveraging your social media presence into more revenue is easier than ever. By becoming a Vine star, your music will achieve more recognition thanks to the company’s new music discovery software. That’ll mean more sales, and you can use that money to get back in the music studio to record your next project. It’s a cyclical process to achieve success and celebrity status.

Becoming a Vine star has a lot of benefits. Research the new music-friendly technological additions. Then, you can leverage the platform to boost your career by recording at a music studio like The Carriage House.



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