4 Landing Page Tips for Musicians to Be Seen and Heard

Landing pages are a powerful way to streamline online navigation for your fans. It doesn’t make sense to link a social media post about your latest album to your website’s main page. Direct visitors to a landing page instead for a more focused experience that puts essential info front and center. These landing page tips will have your website working for you.

Create Pages with a Purpose


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Landing pages provide a highly focused entry point to your website. One of the most common errors that bands make is creating a landing page that’s just an added click before the site’s main page. If your landing page offers nothing but a giant piece of album art with a link to your home page, you’re doing it wrong. Give your landing page a specific purpose. Perhaps you’re using it to announce a new album or release details of your latest tour, or to tell your fans about the music production you’re currently working on.

Visualize the Visitor’s Experience

People can use the Internet for a seemingly endless range of purposes. You can hop online to learn more about mastering and mixing your album, find the best recording engineer for your project, or locate an affordable music studio for your next album. Every Internet user is unique, but they all have one thing in common. They want to get to their online destination in as few clicks as possible. If there’s a landing page between your fans and your home page, make sure it enhances their visit rather than impeding it.

What will your visitors gain from the landing page? Do they get an exclusive glimpse of your band in the recording studio or a new audio music recording? Your landing page should always make fans’ visits better.

Specify Your Call to Action

Every landing page should have a clear call to action. What do you want your fans to do here? If your page offers a sneak peek at what you’re doing in your Connecticut recording studio, include a CTA to subscribe to email updates or preorder the album you’re working on. If the page plays your latest song, make sure it includes information on how and where to buy the single. A landing page with new tour dates should have all the necessary details to order tickets.

Keep Navigation Clean

One of the hallmarks of a professional looking website is easy navigation. Visitors should never get lost on your web page or have trouble finding what they’re looking for. In addition to the necessary links for your CTA, your landing page should always include a clear link to your home page. This makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re after if they need more details than the landing page can offer.

Once you’ve mastered the art of a functional landing page, you’ll want some exciting information to highlight there. Ready to work on your next album? The Carriage House has the equipment and expertise you need to make your next production an instant hit. Connect with Carriage House Studios now and get something on your calendar for fans to get excited about.



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