What Apple’s Streaming Service Means to Indie Music Production

Music lovers using iOS are already enjoying Apple Music, and it’s coming to Android devices in the fall. But what does Apple’s new streaming service mean for indie music production?

Apple Music Provides Right Balance of Old and New


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Apple Music gets the balance right, capitalizing on the streaming trend and Apple’s musical heritage. In 2014, digital music generated the same percentage of industry revenue as physical music sales. That same year, revenues from music subscription services grew by 39 percent.

The growth of streaming has made Spotify and Pandora prominent forces, but they’re still relatively new names to the music world compared to Apple, whose iTunes was integral to the digital movement. More than 800 million people have bought products or services from Apple, and according to CD Baby’s CEO Tracy Maddux, most of them have never used Pandora or Spotify. Apple Music may be just what these people need to give streaming a try.

Apple Music’s Free Period is Limited

Leading streaming services like Pandora and Spotify work with tiered subscription levels. Users can opt for paid subscriptions to listen without ads and access additional features, but they need never upgrade their free subscriptions. Apple Music bucks this trend, refusing to offer a complimentary service beyond its three-month trial period. This should put more dollars in the pockets of the independent artists that need them most.

Apple Music Supports Independent Artists

Apple’s promotional video for Apple Music unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June referred to “the kids [making music] in their bedrooms,” indicating its support of independent artists. This inclusion is refreshing in a musical landscape that seems to favor the big labels.

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Apple Music Makes Publishing Music Easy

Streaming services like Spotify and Google Play rely on music distributors like TuneCore and Songflow to curate and deliver their digital content. Apple Music looks to take out the middle man, which is a real plus for independent artists. Musicians using version 10.1 of the music production suite GarageBand are able to directly publish their finished songs to Apple Music Connect, the social component of Apple Music.

It’s a great way for indie acts to generate buzz, especially while they’re still crowdfunding for studio time or working out which songs to lay down in a professional studio. Once the tracks are streaming, musicians can start a dialogue with music lovers and get the feedback they need to make more calculated decisions, all while gaining more exposure and building their fan base.

This feature is also likely to bring musicians back to GarageBand, a once popular app with powerful production tools like loops, sound patches, and drum beats.

With music lovers already buzzing about the new streaming service ahead of its complete roll-out, Apple Music represents a powerful opportunity for independent artists to gain more exposure and revenue.



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