5 Strategies for Mastering YouTube

YouTube is an ideal place for artists to showcase their music and grow their audience. If you’re a musician social media can maximize your video marketing results; keep these tips in mind.

Legally Add Your Own Cover Songs


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Cover songs are a great way to get your channel noticed by a lot of people. When people hear a song they like they search for it on YouTube. If you use similar tags when you upload your cover song, your video will appear in the search results. This works even better if you can correctly predict which songs will become popular before they actually do.

Keep in mind that you’re not allowed to use another artist’s backing track without permission. To protect yourself and your career, buy a sync license from the original song owner. To do so, contact the record label, let them know you want to create a cover song for YouTube, and ask for permission. Most will not charge you since you’re not directly making money from the song.

Work With Other Established Users

When you’re first starting out on YouTube, it’s likely you won’t immediately start with a lot of subscribers. However, subscribers are valuable resources because each time you upload a new video, YouTube notifies your subscribers. Therefore, while it might be tempting to upload all your videos to your channel in the beginning, you should save some videos and ask established users if they’ll upload these videos to their channel. With this strategy, you can take advantage of their larger subscriber numbers and bring new people to your channel.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Another important aspect of mastering YouTube is making sure you optimize the channel for search engines. To do this, write a channel description, tags, and keywords that are all relevant to the music you upload. Keep in mind that since YouTube is ultimately a search tool, you want to make sure all this information is as relevant and descriptive as possible.

Personalize Your Channel

To boost views and build a loyal audience, it helps to personalize your channel so viewers know exactly what to expect. When you choose your channel name, it’s a good idea to use your artist name or band name because it’s memorable, short, and consistent across all your social media channels. You should also upload a trailer video that automatically plays when unsubscribed viewers visit your channel. This trailer video is a great way to introduce yourself and ask new viewers to subscribe.

Make Sure Your Audience Can Get to Your Website

While some artists can make money from advertising, you should ultimately look at YouTube as a promotion tool. Use the About tab on your channel to add links back to your website where your audience can purchase merchandise and songs.

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