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5 Strategies for Mastering YouTube

YouTube is an ideal place for artists to showcase their music and grow their audience. If you’re a musician social media can maximize your video marketing results; keep these tips in mind. Legally Add Your Own Cover Songs Image via Flickr by DanGrebb Cover songs are a great way to get your channel noticed by a lot of…

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Why Twitter Should Be Your Top Instrument Outside the Recording Studio

Whether they play guitar, keys, or bass, musicians have an intimate knowledge of their instruments. They also know to contact a trusted studio like The Carriage House to ensure those instruments sound their best. But what about instruments after recording wraps? Read on to understand why Twitter is your most important instrument outside the studio.…

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Not a Rockstar Salesman? Here are 4 Tips for Selling Band Merchandise

When you play a gig, you earn a payment after the show, but until you break through as an artist, it’s not enough money to cover your bills. You need to accentuate your income by any means possible, and it would help if you could boost your band awareness, too. Here are four tips for…

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New Music-Friendly Features: Becoming a Vine Star Might Not be so Bad

Anyone who is serious about having a career in music needs to have a social media presence. Historically, that’s meant having Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. A newer site is also ascending in popularity due to its decision to enhance its functionality for musicians. You may think of Vine as a six-second video site, but…

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