The Pact – Slothrust Album Review


By Sooraj Ram


Compared to 2017, 2018 has always been a year of comeback. Having a plethora of albums released by well-established bands to mark these comebacks, it’s possible that people could miss some of the stellar albums being released by rising bands. Slothrust is one such band that strives to put out quality albums consistently. Led by Leah Wellbaum, Slothrust is an alternative rock three-piece based out of NYC that has also been described as “neo-grunge” band. Releasing two vitals albums of their career in the last two years, we predicted that Slothrust would return again with another full length album this year.


Flaunting 12 melodic tracks, each having a distinct sound and vibe, The Pact starts with the whistling pop-rock song “Double Down” followed by a soothing “Peach.” What starts as a light, toe-tapping melodic album quickly changes when “Planetarium,” an anthemic, hard-rockesque song begins, quickly becoming my favorite track off this album. “Walk Away” is a well-written ballad that cleanses the heavier vibe one gets from “Planetarium.” The second half of the album is as brilliant as the first. The reason why I think Slothrust is such a formidable group is because of each member’s humble ability to take center-stage without spoiling rest of the instrumentation by overplaying their part.



When it comes to vocals, Wellbaum’s deliverance is exceptional and songs like “Walk Away,” “For Robin,” and “The Haunting” will happily torment your sleep by replaying over and over in your mind. It’s hard to get these tunes out of your head. Simplistic, yet fitting, drum rudiments compliment the vocal performances very well. When it comes to the guitar section, the solo towards the end of “Walk Away” beautifully comes forward and fits the light, almost echoing sweep of the ballad perfectly. Matching her vocals, Wellbaum plays a catchy riffs and tunes that trace a well-laid bass line.


Overall, The Pact is an extraordinary piece of art, which is meant for all those who like their music to be a bit different from radio rock today. A strong AOTY contender for sure, The Pact is just another example of how musically talented Slothrust truly is.


You can listen to their album here and buy their cool stuff here!



Posted on November 4, 2018 in Album Review, Experimental Music, Music Reviews

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