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The Pact – Slothrust Album Review

By Sooraj Ram   Compared to 2017, 2018 has always been a year of comeback. Having a plethora of albums released by well-established bands to mark these comebacks, it’s possible that people could miss some of the stellar albums being released by rising bands. Slothrust is one such band that strives to put out quality…

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Single Review: Pill – Fruit

By Sooraj Ram Inserting the term “post” in front of genres to create newer sub-genres is not at all new but, respecting the original genre by playing in the respective sub-genre is new. For example, post-hardcore is something that gets a lot of attention right now, but these days the newer post-hardcore bands seem to…

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Album Review: Imperial Triumphant – Vile Luxury

By Sooraj Ram   Avant-Garde is something that not everyone would listen to on a pleasant, sunny day. Recently, the genre exploded with variety of experimentation from a lot of bands – new and old. The famous Experimental Trio, Imperial Triumphant redefined the genre by keeping a distinct and original sound throughout. Obeisance, released in…

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