Q&A with Wild Pink: New Album, Favorite Bands, and Secret Talents


By Sooraj Ram

Having taken the music industry by storm with their debut full length, Wild Pink is back again with a sophomore effort – Yolk in the Fur. Amid heavy touring, John Ross of Wild Pink was kind enough to spare some time with 440 Magazine to answer a few questions about the band and give insight on what’s next. Here’s what he had to say:


Wild Pink has successfully completed three years, how has the ride been so far? Wild enough for y’all?

We’re having a good time so far! Plenty WILD 🙂


Before writing “Yolk In The Fur,” what was going through your mind? Did you have any ideas beforehand?

After the S/T record, I was really excited to write this new one, no real drastic approach to it, just took my time.



Is there anything you want to experiment with in the recording studio that you haven’t attempted yet?

I think on the next record I’d like to bring in more instrumentalists.


Are you guys self-taught musicians or have you had formal training?

TC and Dan are trained in Jazz. I’ve taken a few theory classes in high school and college.


What bands did you grow up listening to?

Speaking for myself: Nirvana, REM, and Queen were biggies growing up.


What are some fun facts about Wild Pink that fans wouldn’t expect to hear?

Dan can rattle off the names of each president in order from memory.


Who would you personally like to sit down and interview yourself?

Joe Pera


What do you guys have in store for us this year? Any upcoming tours or a single maybe?

We’ll be doing a US tour with The Helio Sequence starting at the end of November.


We’re excited to see what’s next for these guys! Follow them on Instagram to stay in the loop and buy the album here.

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