Finding a Recording Studio That’s Just Right

You have the perfect song and the perfect tune in your head. Now, you just need the ideal recording studio to help you get the best demo possible. Consider the following ideas when you’re looking for a studio that creates the prime environment for making music.

Find a Comfortable Environment


There are times when you immediately walk in a room and know whether you feel comfortable there or not. If you enter a recording studio and don’t feel comfortable, it’s going to show through your music. Therefore, make sure you feel at ease with the environment.

If the studio is clean and well maintained, you know their equipment should also be in top working order. Additionally, consider how secure the music studio is. If you’re going to record over several days you may need to leave your equipment there, so you’ll want to know your valuables are secure.

Surround Yourself With Experts

You are a songwriter and it’s what you’re good at. You’ve spent countless hours practicing and perfecting your skill. When it comes time to create the perfect demo, you need to surround yourself with other experts. At Carriage House, we understand this need. That’s why we employ several studio and recording engineers. That way, you can find an engineer who understands your needs and helps you create the best music.

Understand All the Fees

Keep in mind that your music career is a business and just like any other business, it’s important to keep track of expenses. Since booking a recording studio is one of your biggest expenses, you need to know how you’re spending every dollar. When it comes time to discuss price, ask for an itemized list of fees. While the obvious fee is the hourly rate, you also need to know about other costs you might face such as separate charges for certain pieces of equipment or fees for burning CDs.

Ask for a Recording Studio Demo

Even though you’re going to make a demo of your own music, don’t be afraid to ask them for samples of music that they’ve recorded. Also, don’t forget to specifically ask for samples of music that are the same style as what you’re recording. Remember, just because a studio offers a great demo of a country song, that won’t necessarily do you any good if you’re recording a rock song.

Inspect the Rooms

Before you select a studio, ask to see the rooms you’ll be using for your audio music recording. In general, you want to avoid small rooms with cubical dimensions and parallel walls. These rooms need a lot of treatment on the walls and aren’t ideal places to record loud instruments like drums. A good room will keep out unwanted frequencies in your instruments and create a flattering sound to your music.

At Carriage House Studios, we’re committed to creating the perfect recording environment to help you make great music. Contact us today to find out how we can help you in our studio.



Posted on November 20, 2015 in analog mixing

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