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Q&A with Wild Pink: New Album, Favorite Bands, and Secret Talents

By Sooraj Ram Having taken the music industry by storm with their debut full length, Wild Pink is back again with a sophomore effort – Yolk in the Fur. Amid heavy touring, John Ross of Wild Pink was kind enough to spare some time with 440 Magazine to answer a few questions about the band…

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Single Review: Pill – Fruit

By Sooraj Ram Inserting the term “post” in front of genres to create newer sub-genres is not at all new but, respecting the original genre by playing in the respective sub-genre is new. For example, post-hardcore is something that gets a lot of attention right now, but these days the newer post-hardcore bands seem to…

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Album Review: Imperial Triumphant – Vile Luxury

By Sooraj Ram   Avant-Garde is something that not everyone would listen to on a pleasant, sunny day. Recently, the genre exploded with variety of experimentation from a lot of bands – new and old. The famous Experimental Trio, Imperial Triumphant redefined the genre by keeping a distinct and original sound throughout. Obeisance, released in…

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Elevate Your Music: The Benefits of a Professional Recording Studio

Opportunity is not to be wasted. It knocks on the door of few; the rest spend their days waiting. In the music industry, it is tantamount to seize Opportunity when it is at your door, or it may lose interest and find a different star.

How Electronic Musicians Are Using Found Sound in the Recording Studio

Synthesizers, computers, and other hardware produce incredible results for electronic musicians, but some of the most creative professionals in this genre broaden their horizons to include found sounds. While it might seem unconventional, modern musicians weave found sounds with more traditional music production to create cohesive songs that resonate on multiple levels. Found Sound: From…

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Finding a Recording Studio That’s Just Right

You have the perfect song and the perfect tune in your head. Now, you just need the ideal recording studio to help you get the best demo possible. Consider the following ideas when you’re looking for a studio that creates the prime environment for making music. Find a Comfortable Environment There are times when you…

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Telefunken USA | Awesome Service!

Carriage House Studios at Telefunken USA with our vintage ELAM 251 | fantastic service

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