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Q&A with Wild Pink: New Album, Favorite Bands, and Secret Talents

By Sooraj Ram Having taken the music industry by storm with their debut full length, Wild Pink is back again with a sophomore effort – Yolk in the Fur. Amid heavy touring, John Ross of Wild Pink was kind enough to spare some time with 440 Magazine to answer a few questions about the band…

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Single Review: Pill – Fruit

By Sooraj Ram Inserting the term “post” in front of genres to create newer sub-genres is not at all new but, respecting the original genre by playing in the respective sub-genre is new. For example, post-hardcore is something that gets a lot of attention right now, but these days the newer post-hardcore bands seem to…

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Album Review: Imperial Triumphant – Vile Luxury

By Sooraj Ram   Avant-Garde is something that not everyone would listen to on a pleasant, sunny day. Recently, the genre exploded with variety of experimentation from a lot of bands – new and old. The famous Experimental Trio, Imperial Triumphant redefined the genre by keeping a distinct and original sound throughout. Obeisance, released in…

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Elevate Your Music: The Benefits of a Professional Recording Studio

Opportunity is not to be wasted. It knocks on the door of few; the rest spend their days waiting. In the music industry, it is tantamount to seize Opportunity when it is at your door, or it may lose interest and find a different star.


Carriage House Studios records next Gov’t Mule Album

Carriage House Studios records next Gov’t Mule Album with a blend of analog (16trk 3M tape machine) and our digital Pro Tools rig.

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