Single Review: Pill – Fruit


By Sooraj Ram

Inserting the term “post” in front of genres to create newer sub-genres is not at all new but, respecting the original genre by playing in the respective sub-genre is new. For example, post-hardcore is something that gets a lot of attention right now, but these days the newer post-hardcore bands seem to really just be pop-metal bands instead of being true to post-hardcore like the sub-genre giants At The Drive In, Fugazi, etc.


Pill, a true four piece post-punk band based out of Brooklyn recently released a new track entitled “Fruit,” which is a part of their upcoming album “Soft Hell.” I was sold on their sound when I came across their exquisite debut Convenience. With a barrage of different interpretations in their songs, Pill is a group of 4 people who joined together to write original and fresh songs. The band’s much anticipated album – Soft Hell will be released later on this month and they released a perfect song to tease their fans.



Fruit could have become that one song on an album that is overlooked because of all of the other fantastic tracks, but because of its early release, it is probably around for good. With all of the layers that contribute to their sound sound, the song for sure deserves a lot of respect and attention. Art punk, with all of its aesthetics and catchy melodies, is most likely to hook anyone with an exception of those who have no patience to sit and enjoy a song as it is slowly structured before your ears. Veronica is indeed the driving force for this band. With her soaring vocals and lucrative bass line, she gives the catchy guitar riff a punch that creates a lasting impression on listeners. When it comes to the drums, they are simplistic yet wisely executed in such a way that the song has a proper orientation throughout without one instrument overpowering another. The balance is remarkable.


October 26 is the day the full album is going to be released. Based on Fruit, it is surely worth the wait to see what magic they created in the recording studio this time around. Pill always outperforms themselves by making their new albums better than the predecessor. With such immense love for Convenience, I can’t wait to see how they will break that barrier.

Posted on October 20, 2018 in Music Reviews, Post Punk, Single Review

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