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Q&A with Wild Pink: New Album, Favorite Bands, and Secret Talents

By Sooraj Ram Having taken the music industry by storm with their debut full length, Wild Pink is back again with a sophomore effort – Yolk in the Fur. Amid heavy touring, John Ross of Wild Pink was kind enough to spare some time with 440 Magazine to answer a few questions about the band…

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Carriage House session blends music with science fiction in “Indigo Grey: The Passage”

Amy Lee is best known as the lead singer of Grammy Award-winning band Evanescence, but lately she’s been focusing her talents elsewhere: film score composing. Over the summer, director Sean Robinson came to Carriage House Studios with Grammy nominees Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer to record a 5.1 surround sound mix of the score the two had…

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Music Production and Social Media: Marketing Your Music

While many people consider social media a way to keep in touch with friends and family, independent musicians see it as a way to increase their fan base all over the world. Keep these tips in mind if you’re looking to promote you and your music production on social media. Bring Fellow Musicians Into the…

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We just got the best UAD plugins!

Here at Carriage House Studios, we have taken the bold initiative to purchase all of the best UAD Plugins on the market, all to ensure the best experience for artists and our clients. With plugins from trusted brands like Teletronic, Helios, Lexicon and more, we’re hoping to provide you with the best possible audio equipment for your recording…

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Artist Spotlight: Nicholas Wells and “Stumbling Forward”

Last year, Carriage House Studios engineer Mikhail Pivovarov was driving home from the grocery store when he got a call from Nicholas Wells. The two had recently completed mixing Wells’ latest album, a project that was already a year in the making. “He said, ‘I wrote this new song, it’s fantastic,’” explained Pivovarov, who listened…

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Michael Franti & Sonna Rele at the Carriage House

Michael Franti and Sonna Rele stopped in at the Carriage House to record a quick song en route to the next destination on their North American tour. We had the privilege of spending some quality time with them. What was going to be a quick session turned into an full day, all night sing-along extravaganza with epic sounds, vocals, guitar playing, and good…

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Michel Camilo at the Carriage House

Michel Camilo, pianist, records new solo album at Carriage House Studios with Phil Magnotti and Blue Bottles microphones on a Hamburg Steinway D.


Threes and Nines in Timberland Ad, a Carriage House band

Timberland ad that features the band Threes and Nines – from the Carriage House.


Ethan Brosh and Max Norman at the Carriage House

Max Norman and Ethan Brosh in the Carriage House mixing Ethan’s upcoming album. We had the pleasure of once again hosting Max Norman, famed producer of Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Lynch Mob, Dirty Looks, Lizzy Borden


Carriage House Studios records next Gov’t Mule Album

Carriage House Studios records next Gov’t Mule Album with a blend of analog (16trk 3M tape machine) and our digital Pro Tools rig.

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