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5 Things To Do Once You’ve Recorded Your Album

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<h5 class=”p1″><em>So You’re Done in the Recording Studio…Now What?</em></h5>
<p class=”p1″>It’s easy for musicians to lose themselves in the thrill of the recording studio, letting more administrative duties fall to the wayside. When you’re done recording, however, there are several things you need to do to ensure the success of your latest efforts.</p>

4 Songs That Are So Bad They’re Good

We’d all like to pretend that our music collections only contain albums from truly great performers like David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix. But we’re only human, and most of us find it difficult to resist a catchy hook, even when it comes wrapped in bubblegum pop. This article is a salute to those guilty pleasures,…

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5 Strategies for Mastering YouTube

YouTube is an ideal place for artists to showcase their music and grow their audience. If you’re a musician social media can maximize your video marketing results; keep these tips in mind. Legally Add Your Own Cover Songs Image via Flickr by DanGrebb Cover songs are a great way to get your channel noticed by a lot of…

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How Electronic Musicians Are Using Found Sound in the Recording Studio

Synthesizers, computers, and other hardware produce incredible results for electronic musicians, but some of the most creative professionals in this genre broaden their horizons to include found sounds. While it might seem unconventional, modern musicians weave found sounds with more traditional music production to create cohesive songs that resonate on multiple levels. Found Sound: From…

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What Apple’s Streaming Service Means to Indie Music Production

Music lovers using iOS are already enjoying Apple Music, and it’s coming to Android devices in the fall. But what does Apple’s new streaming service mean for indie music production? Apple Music Provides Right Balance of Old and New Image via Flickr by masatsu Apple Music gets the balance right, capitalizing on the streaming trend…

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Good Vibes: Creating Positive Energy in Professional Recording Studios

Creating great music is an imprecise process. There’s no one formula for success, and every individual and group uses unique methods to create their sound. While there are no rules about how you initially create your songs, there are principles to follow when you get to the recording studio. This is a professional atmosphere and…

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Carriage House session blends music with science fiction in “Indigo Grey: The Passage”

Amy Lee is best known as the lead singer of Grammy Award-winning band Evanescence, but lately she’s been focusing her talents elsewhere: film score composing. Over the summer, director Sean Robinson came to Carriage House Studios with Grammy nominees Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer to record a 5.1 surround sound mix of the score the two had…

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4 Landing Page Tips for Musicians to Be Seen and Heard

Landing pages are a powerful way to streamline online navigation for your fans. It doesn’t make sense to link a social media post about your latest album to your website’s main page. Direct visitors to a landing page instead for a more focused experience that puts essential info front and center. These landing page tips…

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5 Reasons Snapchat is Great for Musicians and Not Just Taking Selfies

All of today’s best artists know the power of social media promotion. Likes, shares, retweets, and follows can make the difference between a flop and a hit. Musical talent is an important component for achieving fame and fortune, but smart marketing plays a big role in the battle. Facebook is the behemoth of the social…

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A Brief Guide to the Tape Transfer Process

Old tapes and reels have charm, but they lack the longevity of digital music. This article details how a professional studio like The Carriage House can convert old tapes and reels, including 2″ tapes, into new digital audio recordings. Preparing for Transfer Image via Flickr by Ronan_C The tape transfer restoration and archival process begins…

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